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WHAT WENT WRONG is published by Neighborly Faith, a non-profit building bridges between Christians and Muslims.

Which is to say we are in the business of healing America's divisions, and specifically those between faiths. In the past 7 years we've noticed that things are getting worse and that Americans aren't equipped to make a difference.  

WHAT WENT WRONG advances our mission by publishing helpful tools and resources for our community.


This includes naming what's not working and explaining why, while advocating better solutions. Most of all, we are after solutions that return America's future to ordinary Americans. No fancy words, elite trainings, or 10-year strategic visions.

Many of our conversations pertain to divisions between people of faith. Most are also intertwined with other things that divide us.

If you want to join us in making a difference, consider giving to Neighborly Faith at If you'd like to pitch an idea reach out to Kevin


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